jeudi 29 mars 2012

lundi 12 mars 2012

Illusion of motion

Click on picture
this ggb  file is downloadable on the html page

samedi 10 mars 2012

Trigonometry in the hand

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 ggb file soon downloable

mercredi 7 mars 2012

MATH my guitare(sinusoïdes)

Sexy curves for Miss Cosinus, waves sinus for storm at sea and now sinus curves for a guitare

mardi 6 mars 2012

Storm at sea with Geogebra

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Sexy curves with GeoGebra(Miss Cosinus)

Click on the picture to see the applet
GeoGebra file is downloadable from the site GeoGebraTube

GeoGebra book (méteo)

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Geogebra file is downloaded from the website GeoGebraTube

lundi 5 mars 2012

Need for speed with GeoGebra

Click on the picture to enjoy
This is currently a beginning  file to study later (soon to your screens) the influence of speed and breaking distance of a car